Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Been stuck inside my head ever since hearing a v. interesting mix this weekend. Was considering purchasing a copy on Discogs when I realized that I already have the record - for some reason I overlooked this song in a big way, or it's just been that long since I've picked it up that I completely forgot about it. Either way, this seems to happen to me a lot, and it's annoying - I would have totally brought this with me to Phyllis' on Sunday and played it like five times, just like I wanted to do (but ultimately didn't) with "S-S-S-Single Bed."

Speaking of Phyllis', here are some lists.

Tracks I did play: Liars, "Broom"; some Will Oldham song that's way better on Youtube/the radio than it is in studio; Imagination, "Just an Illusion (Lindstrøm Vocal Edit)"; the whole 9+ minutes of Neil Young's version of "Down by the River"; "Jeepster"; "Dead Souls" (Still version); and I can't recall what else, but not much, really.

Things I wanted to play but didn't / forgot to: "Seen All Good People"; "Going Mobile"; "Sunrain"; "The Precise Temperature of Darkness"; "Take a Chance"; and this way out Circulus song.

Point: the set that didn't happen seems a lot more interesting / fun than the one that did.


  1. that video is *fabulous* :)

    i actually came across this record digging through my grandpa's old crates last week! he had a lot of vangelis & related in there :)

    how often do you play at phyllis'? i need to get out to one of those...

  2. haha, it took me a while to get what was going on in the video. fabulous, indeed! i usually use youtube like a radio, just have it playing tracks in other tabs of my browser.

    the record set is pretty wild. i listened to sides A and B last night before posting this, and there are quite a few gems on there. for whatever reason i wasn't feeling it when i first got my hands on a copy, though.

    we do phyllis' every third sunday, once a month, but the same crew will be doing that calvin johnson show on may 2 at the co-prosperity sphere for version>09, if you're interested in coming out to that - posted about it on 'the board.'



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