Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicago Ghetto House Documentary

(Directly re: a conversation with Todd this past weekend / indirectly re: the end of that knives video.)

Knives on the Internet

Can't decide which of these is the most bizarre (i.e. my favorite) - probably the baseball cap with the razors stuck to the back, or "guy running down sidewalk wielding a machete."

(Apologies for the gruesome still - the video itself isn't gory at all, unless you count the proceedings of a montage supplemented by a totally inappropriate HI-NRG soundtrack.)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

One of my favorite youtube videos, from the now defunct club Yellow (Tokyo)

And a 4 hour mix from the two, in four parts, from The Underground, Kennedy's, Dublin:
Check it out

Just sayin'

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roadtrip to Austin

Headed down to Austin tomorrow with my good friend Eric Marsh (writes with some of his 9 to 5 co-conspirators @ Running Downhill). I have a booklet of burnt discs, most of them mixes ranging from techno to deep house and disco. The only rock I'm bringing with is a CD-R I made of Seaweed's Spanaway LP with Quicksand's Slip LP. I also put together a compilation of the excellent Winter Mutiny Dubs series - 60mins or so of dub originals and WMD edits, with an original of my own tacked on at the end ("Kleenecks sketch," which you can hear @ my very own myspace).

Also put together a hot mess of a mix. Just pressed record and played some records. Some nice transitions, some terrible ones, but great tracks (I think) nonetheless. Includes: Laurine Frost, Ben Klock, Sound Stream, wBeez, Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Reboot, Aki Latvamaki, Sophie Nixdorf, Radio Slave, Shed remix of Substance, a Golden Groove edit, and an edit by John Camp (aka Jaz).

Download the mix here, and post a comment / email me if you'd like a complete tracklist, I'll have it sorted when I return.

Wish us luck, we may need it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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