Friday, February 20, 2009

Transistori Plays Toppilan Tehdas, The Factory of Toppila

The following was recently sent to me by an artist in Finland, Aki Latvamäki (visit), whom I will be interviewing for LWE in the near future. Aki Latvamäki's new record on Curle is a monster, and I was interested to know more about the man behind the music.

Embedded below is Part 1 of Transistori's performance at The Factory of Toppila, which I assume to be located somewhere in Finland, as well as info from the Youtube page.

Transistori is a percussion group from Oulu, Finland. Specialized in self-made instruments built from scrap and recycled material. Transistori's music is improvisation, which requires listening to the other group members and knowing their playing style by heart.

The Shooting took place in a closed power plant at the Toppila cellulose factory built in the 1930's
Transistori was challenged to play the old factory hall and utilize the sounds found there, as well as their own instruments.

The documentary is divided into three parts. Each part consists of one set. The sets were recorded on six cameras and twenty microphones. No overdubs have been made.

The documentary uses visual means to explore the true essence of Transistori behind the soundscapes and rhythms.

Director: Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen

Performers: Otto Byström, Jouni Haapakoski, Pekka Heinonen, Jaakko Jokipii, Aki Latvamäki, Olli Miettinen, Lauri Sallamo

All four parts are definitely worth checking out if you enjoy Part 1 of the "sound documentary." Visit the full playlist here:

More on Aki Latvamäki (aka Artificial Latvamäki) can be found at his personal site and Facebook artist page.

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