Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Mutiny Dubs

It seems that everyone I know blogs. I've tried and tried and could never really keep it up. Here's hoping.

I hope to do less writing than posting tracks + a few idle thoughts on this blog, but what truly/directly inspired me to get started here was the Winter Mutiny Dubs blog.

Winter Mutiny has been taking dusty dub reggae 45s and working up his own live edits, which he then posts to the blog. Simple. Not that WMD (ha) is a re-tread, but the same spark and a bit of cash is what got Basic Channel off the ground 20 years previous; now, with blogs, all it takes is a bit of material and HTML trickery. Trite though the idea may be (it's 2009, already) it's still rather impressive.

All that said, the live edits featured on WMD are pretty great. My favorite so far is the "Love Thy Neighbor" version - cold techno groove with the crackling warmth of Yabby You's original. Check it out, as well as the others!

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