Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Headfuck Techno"

Don't know how I missed this (I say this as I figuratively shake my fist at the Blogger follow feature), but the Cio D'or mix on mnml ssgs (ssgcast #21) is phenomenal. I usually reserve judgment until I've actually been through a piece as a whole, but only ~20 minutes into "Planetary Nebular" (Ms. D'or's title for the mix) and I can say with a great degree of confidence that this is a new favorite, something I'll be turning on more often than not in any mood, no matter the reason.

The guys at mnml ssgs have come up with a term for this type of sound - "head-" or "mind-fuck" techno. Donato Dozzy (whose name, interestingly enough, is reminiscent in some synaesthetic/onomatopeiatic way of his preferred sound) has been carrying the torch for this new breed of "true" minimal techno, and his RA podcast #105 is a great place to start. As the ssgs say: "elemental." It's easy to get wrapped up in sonic trends of genre music, but this stuff really excites me; it does with synths what Rob Hood did with percussion.

There's some overlap between this and the "Berghain sound" pushed by Ben Klock, Norman Nodge, and of course, Marcel Dettman, so it's only fitting that the news accompanying the mix is thus: Dozzy and D'or will be releasing an EP together on Peter Van Hoesen's Time to Express label. So into it.

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