Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night's Let's Go Deep session went well, far and away more fun (for me) than the Sonotheque set a week ago (really, a week ago? Must have been longer than that...). Setlist forthcoming - my records are still in the car. Wish I had more to say about it other than, yeah, sure feels good to play on functioning decks. Cafe Lura also made some huge upgrades to their soundsystem, likely for the dubstep boys / weekend junglists, but we'll definitely take it - nice to see that they're taking the place seriously (as opposed to some other places I've played - looking at you, Tumbao).

Eric is on to some, as we say, "out shit" lately. Anxiously awaiting his latest, and also hoping he can filter through some of the Mutant Sounds stuff for me, as I think I'm going to have my hands full (if/when it arrives) with a bunch of new records. Also received a disc of material dated 1991-1993 by a mutual acquaintance/neighbor, John of Shifty Science. Met him at the 25+25 party and was very excited to hear that he had this archive of tracks. The actual sounds have thus far totally surpassed my expectations (which were high to begin with) and when he says that he might be "getting the band back together" I seriously hope this is true. May be able to share some stuff with (all 2 of) you in the future.

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