Monday, April 13, 2009


My copy of "Deep Burnt" arrived in the mail today. Thanks to my landlord for accepting the package - Logan Square P.O. is a drag. Sucks for him, though - I'm playing the track as I type this with all the faders pushed to the hilt, and my landlord lives downstairs.

Other records that arrived:

Others, "Take 1 / Take 2" [Musique Risquee]
Jichael Mackson, "Baff" [Hartchef Discos]
Minimono / Markus Fix, "Sweet Murmur / House in the House" [Love Letters from Oslo]
V/A, "Exchange Place" [Strength Music] (in my most humble opinion, easily one of the most overlooked records of 2008 - two tracks feature prominently in tite mixes from last year, Steffi's RA podcast and Norman Nodge's mnml ssgs set, but I don't recall reading much about the record, label, or artists beyond that. I could just be ign'ant, though - this is very likely.)

Waiting on:

Woods 7" from Captured Tracks. Listen to the B-side, "The Dark," @ hypemachine.

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