Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Four notes about this:

1. Do you ever get the feeling, when telling someone who's not "down," that you're into / dj techno, that this is among their immediate associations with the term? For me it's either this or "Firestarter."

2. Best comment:
52772 (4 hours ago)
I will rather hear gothic music!
3. The video is under four minutes. That's quite an elaborate stage setup for a four minute song. Do you think D-Devils had other songs that they played at this show, or was it just "Dance With The Devil" and fin.

4. What do you think these guys are doing now? Any chance they had something to do with Dubfire's remix of "Grindhouse Tool?"

5. I laughed not because I remember this song from the ads on B96 for haunted houses in Joliet, but because my initial thought was of Snooch.

1 comment:

  1. Holy shit, I'm fucking crying! And yeah, if someone isn't thinking "Mortal Kombat soundtrack, etc." they're prob thinking "Braveheart theme remix"

    (that and Venga Boys were the only things I heard when I was in Cancun with my family a decade ago; it ruled)



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