Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir, "Deep Burnt"

Amazing house track. My tastes tend to run along two lines - "tracky" long loops or "tools" and euphoric, melodic stuff like this. Will never get enough of this one, especially when used tastefully in mixes... I first fell in love with the tune after hearing it in Panoramabar resident Steffi's Resident Advisor podcast #120. Steffi deploys the track toward the very end of the mix, serving upon first listen as a most pleasant surprise, an oasis after so much abrasive (in a good way), psychotic, dirty, looping house tracks (prime example: Marcus Mixx's "Psychousic"); repeat listens render "Deep Burnt" as sort of a mnemonic "goal," knowing you're going to be fed some well deserved sugar once the timer starts running to close, paired neatly with a Charles Webster remix of Justin Martin's "The Sad Piano," yet another melancholic / melodic earworm, though not quite on the same scale as "Deep Burnt."

Eric Cloutier (Bunker, NYC) used "Deep Burnt" early on in his recent podcast @ mnml ssgs, coming right out of / into (I forget which) one of my favorite house tunes of the moment (for entirely different reasons), Seth Troxler's "Aphrika," which uses a pitched down sample of a reading of Maya Angelou's poem, "Phenomenal Woman." I feel like Steffi may have set the standard for the use of "Deep Burnt" (toward the end of a mix, rather than early on) but despite this (personal/subjective) faux pas, Eric's mix is a terrific blend of the "deepest" house music played at a clip no faster than 120 bpm (sort of his m.o.). Keep an eye out for Eric's 3+ hour set from our 25+25 party (once we sort out some technical issues with the recording) - our expectations were high, and he exceeded them with little effort. Brilliant stuff.


  1. i think that track with the 'phenomenal woman' sample in mixmaster cloutier's set is actually by seth troxler! a darker + more alienating use of the same sample as in craig alexander's track. i love it :)

  2. wow, thanks for the tip, jake! i hadn't encountered a physical copy of the record so i just assumed (thanks to / via google). really love the track, though, and much credit to seth troxler for coming up with an amazing interpretation.

    (found a sample of the craig alexander version and you're absolutely right. woops!)



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